Research Areas

  • Migration and Development


    • The Chinese Diaspora

    • Southeast Asian refugee flows

    • Intra-Asian migrations

    • Transnationalism and hometown development

    • Labor market incorporation in host societies

    • Immigrant entrepreneurship

    • The new second generation

  • Education


    • Education of immigrant and refugee children

    • The ethnic systems of supplementary education

  • Asian America


    • Asian American youth

    • Asian American stereotypes

    • Immigrant /emigrant / transnational communities

      • Ethnic enclaves and ethnic economies

      • Ethnic language media

      • Ethnic language schools

      • Ethnic organizations

  • Race and Ethnicity


    • Inter-group disparities

    • Intra-group diversity

    • Interethnic / interracial relations

  • Urban Sociology


    • Urban change impacted by internal and international migrations

    • Urban and suburban immigrant neighborhoods

    • Residential mobility

    • Internal migration in China

Image: Dr. Min Zhou at her UCLA office

Courses Taught

Interracial Dynamics

Chinese Immigration

Contemporary Asian American Communities

Asian American Youth

The Sociology of Los Angeles

Theories of Ethnicity​

Immigration and the New Second Generation

Immigration and Ethnic Entrepreneurship

Introductory Sociology

Human Societies

Minority Peoples in the United States

The Community

Methods of Social Research

Urban Sociology